Why am I starting a blog..?

It’s strange for me to write my heart out here because 1.I don’t have enough confidence and 2. It seems like who would like to read what a 19year old writes.

I have always been very interested in writing , reading and all of these content related things. I have realised that my mind is chaotic place where thousands of thoughts pass by every single second and I believe paper (here my blog) has more patience than people. I am writing this in a complete state of confusion,not knowing whether I would make it public or not, tell people that I have written something or not,would have enough confidence about my writing or not… Uhmm… Told you my mind is a chaotic place.

I think I’m writing this because while writing I open my heart to say things which I might not say in front of people,I am my trueself when I write,I share my most unrealistic thoughts while writing, write things which I thought people would laugh at or don’t care about it if I tell them.. I think I might just begin this journey.

Writing gives me joy,makes my mind calm and gives me the confidence I need. Right now I feel like taking the first step in faith. I don’t have to see the whole staircase ,just have to take the first step.

So, here I am to give a platform to the endless thoughts of my restless mind.

Thankyou for reading!

Janvi Arora

By Janvi Arora

Hi, I'm a girl who loves to write,read books,make memories and laugh my heart out..

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