You are worthy

You are still a great dancer
Even if you have been rejected in an audition multiple times.
You are still a talented painter
Even if your art just got twenty likes You are still a friend
Even if all the friends you have are the objects placed in your room. And,
You will become a successful entrepreneur
Even if you started a little later in your life.
You can still smile
Even if you have terribly cried last night
You can still shine bright
Even if everything is dark around you, just like stars in the sky.

Trust me,
You will stand up again
Even if you have fallen a thousand times
You will be able to run again
Even if you are suppressed today
You will fly one day
Even if someone broke your wings today
You will be happy again
Even if you have forgotten how to laugh today.

You are just like a flower because even though you have dirt around you, you can still grow and bloom.

Flowers do not bloom without a little rain. Everything has its purpose, even pain.

Trust me,
You are an achiever, you are capable and
You are worthy.

Thanks for reading

-Janvi Arora


Escape the reality

Now that our reality has become like one of the nightmares, the only easy way out is to escape it.. I know I am not the only who is in middle of a dilemma where I keep on oscillating between thoughts like ‘ I want to go out’ and ‘I’m absolutely happy at home’ . So,one of the main reasons why I feel happy even after being stuck at home for months now is that I can always wear pyjamas and also because I have been reading a lot of novels now.

Adding a little backstory.. so while growing up I was always fascinated by the thought of reading novels and to have a ‘ tiny home library’ but I never really read novels in school..but once I started reading novels which was last year itself there was no going back. Soon , reading became an obsession.

Reading helps me calm my mind, and escape the reality.. and I guess it’s really important when our reality is a pandemic. Reading fictional books at time like this helps me a lot! I have read more books in the lockdown period than I have read last year and I’m so proud of that!! People binge watch TV shows and movies and I binge read novels because when you read you live the character’s life , and your imagination comes into play. For example, color of the shirt of your favorite character is totally dependent on your choice and everything is not served to you on a platter. In addition to all of this, I cherish the mild aroma of new books which is like a therapy itself.

According to me,Reading is the best ‘ me time ‘ and specially in lockdown asĀ  lockdown is all about solitude and enjoying your own company. According to me,Having one sided conversation with the author is magical, getting to know their thought process is magical and to be able to live thousand lives is magical !

Thankyou for reading !

-Janvi Arora


One last time..

Do you miss that one specific person? The warmth of their hug?Do you miss laughing with them..? Do you miss their silly jokes..Oh, if you think that I am talking about someone you don’t talk to anymore, then you are wrong. You can stil see that person someday or the other. I’m talking about someone special you lost to death.. That loss which inculcated a permanent void in your life and now you just have their memories left. The loss that you can’t have anymore in your arms ,but always have in your heart.

Do you also wish to dance on your favorite song with that specific person for one last time.? Or laugh with them for one last time? Or just see them in front of your eyes ..for one last time. Do you miss your last hug with that person? Do you miss laughing and joking around with that person? If you do.. then you are not the only one my friend. When someone leaves us we still enjoy their favorite dish,but without them. We still sing their favorite songs,but without them.. we still laugh on their jokes but the ones which were told by them a long back ago..

When you lose someone very special,you lose a part of yourself. You see them in your dreams, you miss them in accomplishments and you cherish the memories you made together..You unintentionally wait for the time when you can meet them again…on the other side.

Thankyou for reading.

-Janvi Arora


19 things I learned before turning 19

So, I’m going to turn 19 in a few days and here is a list of 19 things I learned before turning 19!

1. Family over everything I can’t emphasize enough on how much I believe in this.

2. Spending money on books is worth it all! Reading is the best hobby that I have picked up on and it has worked wonders for me. It has changed my life in so many possible ways and it has given me a privilege to live so many lives (of the characters in the book)

3. Female friends are the best. No matter what Fun fact: I was so skeptical about getting admission in a girl’s college because I thought I would hate it because I have always had more guy friends. But now I have realised that having female friends is a privilege. They support you like no guy could and make world a better place for you.

4. Law of attraction, manifestation and gratitude works magic I have learned that What you have in your thoughts is what you can have in your life. If you see it in your mind,you are going to hold it in your hand. Thoughts become things.

5. Me time is the best time Spending time alone is probably the best therapy.

6.Being alone is not bad Actually it’s not at all bad. Being single or maybe just not having any body around can help you know yourself in ways you never knew. It lets you discover who you actually are.

7. It’s okay not to have a plan I have always been the kind of person who never had a plan in her life. I didn’t know what I would do 2 years later, tomorrow morning or the next week. The moment I posted my first blog I didn’t know what I would post here. But I knew I would figure it out for sure.

8.I learned writing and reading I learned writing and reading and also gained the courage to make it public. And now it has become one the reasons for me to smile,everyday.

9.Communication is magical I have realised how important conversations are and what was the need to discover language in the first place. Talking to a friend, mom, or maybe just a page makes my life 10 times better.

10. “Fake it till you make it” If you are not happy right now, fake it . Fake your smile,fake your happiness and one day that would change into a genuine smile for sure.

11. It’s okay if you don’t make sense to other people It’s okay if the other person doesn’t get why you are so excited to go for a walk in park, or to start reading a particular book. Do things for yourself and for your happiness.

12.Failure is very very very important. Failure is vital failing in an exam,in a relationship with your partner or a friend, or getting rejected for a position you really wanted, is really important sometimes. Failure is important to get yourself out from your comfort bubble and make yourself a better version of yourself.

13. Accept your flaws and flaunt it You are not perfect,that Instagram model is not perfect. Having flaws is also beautiful. But most importantly Accepting you flaws is beautiful.

14. Being selfish is fine sometimes. I might have already looked very narcissistic for writing a whole blog just about myself but being selfish and putting yourself first is absolutely fine. It’s okay to be your number 1 priority.

15. I have learned that I’m not always going to get the closure/explanation I think I deserve And I think it’s better like that because maybe the explanation would hurt me more than anything else did.

16. Trust the process Everything happens for good and nothing lasts. It’s surely going to make sense some day if not today.

17. Not everybody is going to support you and I have learned this very recently that even the people you chill with won’t support you for what you do and that’s fine. You do what you like.

18. I learned that self love is very important not just accepting your flaws but also loving yourself for who you are is the most important thing. Because you can’t figure out how to love somebody else in a relationship ( be it your partner,friend) if you have not figured out how to love yourself first.

19. And lastly, I learned that giving yourself a gift every now and then is important because you deserve it.

Thanks for reading!

-Janvi Arora



If you see a group picture of you and your friend. What is the first thing you notice ? Is it How you look? Is your hair alright? Is your smile just the way it should be? if your answer is yes then  it’s not just you. Everybody looks at themselves only. The most frequently used word is the pronoun I.
People are more interested in themselves than they are in any body else. So if you want to make friends and  win hearts ,you have to be  interested in other’s life.
This is an important law- ‘Always make the other person feel important’.

The desire to be important is the deepest urge in human nature.

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.

Almost everyone considers themselves very important and life of so  many people could probably change if only someone would make them feel important.
Once, I saw a girl who was getting irritated because of the rush in metro and because of  huge bags she was carrying. And I thought of giving her a compliment on her beautiful smile. I just told her ‘you have a nice smile’ . A simple compliment from a stranger would have made her day better I guess. In the start she tried to be modest and said it’s not that nice but I knew how happy she was after listening to that.
She must have thought about that the whole day and felt important , appreciated and validated. Her bags would have turned a little lighter now.
That’s how you can change a person’s day: by just making them feel special.

Have you ever thought why dogs have so many friends and why are they loved by so many. The reason is that they are more interested in other’s life. They jump out of their skin and run so fast when they see their owner after a long day. They do everything they possibly can do and expect nothing in return but love.
similarly ,You can make more friends in 2 months by becoming interested in other people than you can in 2 years by trying to get otherĀ  people interested in you.
You can work magic with philosophy of appreciation almost every day!

Thanks for reading!

-Janvi Arora


Nature- A solace for every sorrow

Are you also a big nature enthusiast who feels so captivated by the beauty of sky because

I know I’m not the only one who gets excited when the clouds form beautiful shapes and I know I’m not the one who gets thrilled when sky is in pretty colors.I know I’m not the only who gets lost when flowers decide to blossom a little more than usual and I know I’m not the only one who confronts nature whenever things don’t go well. I know I’m not the only one who would choose stargazing over everything ,and I know that I’m not the only one who loves to read books amidst the bird’s chirping.

During the world wide lockdown I long so much for the rain drops to touch my cheeks, I long so much for a good walk in a park and for the winds to blow so fast. I long so much to smell lovely flowers when I walk past.

Nature makes me feel so humble and ready to take every blow with courage. As long as the simplicity and beauty of nature exist, which should be forever , I know there will solace for every sorrow. I believe that nature can bring comfort to all those who suffer.Nature is the one thing for which there is no substitute.As long as you can look fearlessly at the sky , you will know you are pure within and will find happiness once more.

Thankyou for reading!

-Janvi Arora


Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is like money that we can mint for ourselves whenever and however we want and can also spend it without the fear of bankruptcy.

I am a firm believer of gratitude. For me gratitude is a powerful process for shifting my energy to better things and bringing more of what I want into my life.

We as humans have a tendency to always look at the darker side. “Why is my car so small?” , “she has a bigger house” , “He earns way more than me”. we intend to blame God and other people in our life for what we don’t have but what we forget to do is ,to be grateful to God for everything that we already have. What we have now is not a big deal for many of us. Being grateful for what we have is a life changer. Instead of blaming we could say ‘Thankyou God for the car that I have ”, ” Thankyou god for a house to live in” or “Thankyou god for making me capable enough to earn for myself” and it could also be for the smallest things possible like “Thankyou God for the parking space I found today” , ” Thankyou God for a good cup of coffee I had today” . These small things can change your day . These small things and small acts of Gratitude can turn your life upside down. It all starts from within. Happiness starts from within. Positive thought and gratitude attracts all the happiness that you want and you surely deserve.

Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring more into our life

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.”
-Oprah Winfrey
Being grateful for what you have today will bring abundance in future. You will be showered for everything you wish right now if you will be grateful for the smallest things you have today be it a good group of friends or a roof to live under.You will find yourself in a space which has so much to offer you in coming days.

My life turned around when I started the practice of being grateful. What I do to maintain this practice is that I write everyday before going to bed about things that I’m grateful for or the things that made me happy today. This practice helps me emit all the negative emotions that build inside my body and help me attain a positive frequency which not only gives me a good night sleep but also a healthier mind.

Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.

Being grateful makes us more positive in life which in turn attract more good things in our life and more of things that we can be grateful for,thank God for. It’s impossible to bring more into our life if we are ungrateful for things we already have. If you thank about a good day that you had in your office today you will be a receiver of better days in coming time.

We all have days in our life when we think we have reached the rock bottom and there is no good left. But on these days think about the days which brought a lot of happiness in your life and soon you will be attracting all the goodness back to you. On such days don’t think about all the misery,but about all the beauty that still remains.This is the attitude of gratitude. Use gratitude until it becomes your way of life.

Thankyou for reading.

-Janvi Arora


Why am I starting a blog..?

It’s strange for me to write my heart out here because 1.I don’t have enough confidence and 2. It seems like who would like to read what a 19year old writes.

I have always been very interested in writing , reading and all of these content related things. I have realised that my mind is chaotic place where thousands of thoughts pass by every single second and I believe paper (here my blog) has more patience than people. I am writing this in a complete state of confusion,not knowing whether I would make it public or not, tell people that I have written something or not,would have enough confidence about my writing or not… Uhmm… Told you my mind is a chaotic place.

I think I’m writing this because while writing I open my heart to say things which I might not say in front of people,I am my trueself when I write,I share my most unrealistic thoughts while writing, write things which I thought people would laugh at or don’t care about it if I tell them.. I think I might just begin this journey.

Writing gives me joy,makes my mind calm and gives me the confidence I need. Right now I feel like taking the first step in faith. I don’t have to see the whole staircase ,just have to take the first step.

So, here I am to give a platform to the endless thoughts of my restless mind.

Thankyou for reading!

Janvi Arora